Miniature Lop Rabbits

Butterbelle Bunnies is concentrating on achieving quality Purebred Butterfly Mini Lops.

I think they are adorably cute!  The patterns are remarkable and there should be more of them.  Adults and children love these cute fluffy bouncy little pets.
Miniature lops, commonly referred to as mini lops, are the smallest of the lop breeds of rabbit.  The maximum adult weight is 1.6kg.  They have a compact body, dense fur and fully flopped ears.  Mini lops are available in a variety of different colours and patterns including self, shaded, broken and butterfly.

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I am a registered breeder of The NSW Rabbit Association Inc. (TNSWRAI)

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You are welcome to download and read the following pdf files.

'Choosing your pet rabbit' will help you to decide what type of rabbit is best for you.
'Your lovable bunny' provides you with information on how to look after your bunny.
'What Bunnies Do Not Like' - self explainatory.
'Hot Cross Bunnies' provides useful information about keeping your bunny cool during Summer.

For more information about owning a pet rabbit I recommend the book 'The Wonderful World of Pet Rabbits' by Christine Carter.  Clicking on the picture will take you to her website where you can access a range of different information about rabbits.