Miniature Lop Rabbits


3 litters 'In the Nest' at the moment

Born 11.12.13
1 Kit - REW doe - Needs a home now
Dam: Erinlea Pepper (Beige Butterfly) & Forest Valley Harry Hausen (Blue Point)

Born: 27.02.14
3x kits - 1 Orange self, 1 Orange Butterfly, 1 Blue Point (?)
Fleur (Orange Butterfly) & Butterbelle Mister (Beige)

Born: 20.03.14
4 Kits - 2 lilac, 1 beige, 1 lilac butterfly
Butterbelle Curious Me (Blue Butterfly) & Forest Valley Harry Hausen (Blue Point)

Current Matings:

Hill Bunny Snowy (REW) & Forest Valley Harry (Blue Point)

Erinlea Pepper (Beige Butterfly) & Butterbelle Lightning (Blue)

Sold pending deposit/payment

Sold pending confirmation of sex